Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is situated in the Upper Sava valley, which is one of the most beautiful valleys in the alpine region. It lies in the north west part of Slovenia by the borders of Italy and Austria.The valley is full of natural or cultural places to see and is ideal for sporting activities. It can be quiet and secluded but also giving opportunities for entertainment. It is the part of Slovenia for which you need time to experience different times and seasons and to see local traditions.

Kranjska Gora in winter

It is an excellent centre for holidays. It offers good ski slopes for  beginners as well as more adventurous skiers, boarders, cross country runs and other winter activities.

Winter activities:

  • Skiing - there are 18 different skiing slopes, with different demands, from beginners to very demanding. The same goes for  ski boards. One can drive cars up to the ski-lifts, prepare the skis and enjoy the skiing straight away.For beginners you have skiing instructors.
  • Cross country - there are 40 different routes from Kranjska Gora, via Podkoren, to Ratece, Planica and Tamar. There is also a night run behind hotel Kompas with lights.
  • Sledging - on the ski slopes there are sledging paths suitable for families with small children. For more adventurous there is night sledging when you are taken by four- wheel drive cars to the top of the mountain and in a torch procession you can go down at full speed.
  • Skating - in the middle of Kranjska Gora there is a skating-rink called Borovska sajba. When it is very cold you can skate on Jasna, lake nearby which offers you an unforgettable experience in the beautiful surroundings.
  • Alpska vasica - Alpine village - it is situated in the square by the church. In little wooden huts, well lit, you can try different food, drinks, can buy local produce and works of art. At the weekend there are different musical concert, choirs.
  • Wellness - in the majority of the hotels in the village there are saunas, swimming pools, different massages, cosmetic salons - everything to make you feel better

Other winter activities:

Winter tours, excursions, ice climbing, snow park in the village, Nordic centre Planica, casino

Kranjska Gora in summer

With the wonderful weather and with plenty of sunny days, it is an ideal place for mountain bikers, bicyclists, moutaineers, runners and walkers. It also offers peace and relaxation in beautiful nature. In summer the night temperatures are between 17C and 18C, ideal for a night’s sleep.

Summer activities:

  • Bicycling, rollerskating- there is a well maintained path from Jesenice to Tarvisio in Italy
  • Bicycling park - for enthusiastic bicyclists who get free rides; you can bicycle over the obstacles, ski jumps, swings in dirt. The entrance is achieved by ski-lift Vitranc 1.
  • Expedition and alpinism- for all interested in climbing in the mountains you have a wide choice of easy and more demanding climbs. Slemenova Spica, Ciprnik, Mala Mojstrovka, Vosca, Kepa, Dovska Baba, Grancisce, Jerebikovec, Alpe Adria Trail...
  • Summer sledging - Besna Pehta, an unforgetable experience with summer sledges, suitable for all ages, especially for families
  • The land of Kekec - in a part of our unspoilt nature, you can experience the story of Kekec, a local folk hero and his friends, who fill you with enthusiasm - especially for children and parents
  • Other activities - tennis, golf, wild animal photography, fishing, water sport, sailing, flying, parachute jumping, climbing, zipline Planica, paintball, and activities for children.
  • Summer entertainment, concerts, casino

10 main places of interest worth seeing:

Lake Jasna, the waterfalls in Martuljek and Mojstrana,Slovene Alpine Museum, Nordic Centre in Planica, Zelenci-source of Sava river, Tromeja-meeting point of three borders, Russian Chapel, Vrsic, Ajdovska deklica